Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Robot Rampage

WALT write a creative story using a story starler.

Surprisingly Hemi wakes up to the sound of people screaming and yelling with fear. Hemi looked around to see if his robot was there but it was not there. Hemi leapt out of his chair. Then he quickly ran around the streets to see if his robot was there. He couldn't find the crazy robot on the streets.

 He went around to people's houses and asked if they have seen a flying robot around “it just left” is all they said he started flying to the people’s  houses. Finally the last house came “have you seen this flying robot” they said it’s in the backyard destroying everything out there.

 Hemi went outside to grab it but then the bad robot the robot is as bad as a criminal. The robot grabs a flower pot and tries to chuck it at Hemi he misses him by far. Hemi ran over to the flowerpot and quickly grabbed it before the crazy robot could grab it .

 Hemi quickly chucked the pot at the robot and it blew up making a big mess at the ladies house. Hemi stayed and helped clean up the ladies house. When Hemi got home. Hemis Dad pulled up the drive . He went outside he said ‘WOW” you normally don’t like mowing the lawns. You can’t mow them more often. Hemi said “uhhh’. Hemi got his pocket money that he wanted.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Travel Brochure

Walt design a travel brochure

Creative writing

WALT create a piece of writing which includes 5 words that we have been given. This week the words were pink, huge, bridge, sprinkled and daffodil.
By Aliyah
The long day
Me and my friend Merryn wanted to go to this huge pink lake that got a new bridge. All of the top was sprinkled with daffodil’s. I tried to pick a daffodil up but then I nearly fell into the water “Merryn grab me I said i’m going fall”. She caught me at the last second I was still terrified of how smelly and dirty I would have been if I did fall in there. Anyways I mean there could have been anything in there from a monster in the water to and old mans dirty crusty slipper. 

When we got back to my house I asked my mum if Merryn could have a sleepover she said maybe I will ask  Merryn if she can. Just when Merryn was going to leave my mum went over to her mum and said can Merryn have a sleepover her mum said yes. Merryn went back to her house to get her things for the sleepover . When she got back it was nearly dinner time so my mum said what should we have for dinner. Me and Merryn said McDonald's at the same time. My mum left to go get us McDonald's and then me and Merryn went to go play on the computer. We were playing on the computer. We went to go call my mum and see were she was because we were hungry. She said that she was 15 mins away. When she go home we ate all of our food. Then It was nearly bedtime so we both got in our pajamas to get ready for bed.

 When it was morning time for breakfast we had pancakes it was so yummy. When we were down eating our breakfast. When It got to 2:00 Merryns mum came and picked her up from my house. Just when she was walking out the door to leave she said this has been the best sleepover ever it was so much fun.

When she left I went to go visit my grandma in hospital. She was getting out of hospital. So we want to get her from the hospital because we haven't seen her in 2 months. When we got her we took her back to our house. We played a board game the game was called whats there name. It's a game where you have to guess what person the other person character. When we were down playing the game. We took my grandma home. After we did that. We got home and the time was bedtime so I went to go put on my pajamas. The next day was school. When I got to school Merryn was not there. I waited for her about 10 mins and she was not there so I just went home. The End

Friday, 18 May 2018

My Magical Creature 100 Word Challenge

WALT describe a Magical creature that lives in pink lake or animal .

Once Upon a time there lived a magical unicorn her name was Suger. She was a rainbow unicorn with a white body and she had a blue horn. She was in the magical animal hospital because she got a cut on her leg. That cut could make her lose her special powers forever. One day her best friend had to go in the animal hospital because she got the same cut on her leg. She was in same room with her friend Suger . When they got out of the animal hospital they were living at the pink lake .The End

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Californian Native Americans

WALT gather information about the Cahuilla tribe.
I really enjoyed learning about this tribe and something interesting that i learnt was They make houses were the doors are facing the west so they can look at the sun rise.They make the houses out of clay.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Rata and the Waka

We have been doing some critical thinking with the story of Rata and his waka.

Friday, 4 May 2018

100 word challenge

                                  SHOUTED CRIMSON MISTY FRANTICALLY GRAVE

Me and my friend Merryn were on our way to this house that people at school called it haunted. We just thought they were  joking around to make us scared. But we just wanted to see if it was actually haunted when we got there. There was a Misty backyard with a grave that had crimson blood spread on it.  Merryn Shouted HELP just when we looked at the backyard. When we went inside the house I was so scared that we Frantically ran back outside then we ran to go back home as fast as we could.

The End