Friday, 31 March 2017

Tom true heart

                                Tom True heart 

Once I saw a little boy the boy was the size of a thumb. He was looking for his six brothers and there princess brides from an evil man the evil man lives in a haunted house. the haunted house is as scary as a monster. I called my pet bird by a whistle and my bird came and took me to my brothers and their princess brides. I saw the haunted house I said stop but the bird didn't stop . I jumped of the bird and tried to call for help to find the haunted house but then I saw smoke I followed it . It took me to the haunted house but the door was locked .I looked at the back of the house and I tried to open the door and it was open .So I went in and I saw my brothers and there princess brides and they were tied up to a pole next to a bed .I touched the bed it was as rusty as an old scooter and then I got my sword out and I said let's go back to the forest. A few moments later we got back to the forest and we made a house with big things like wood and metal and also a part of a tree we made a fire for our dinner. Tom’s magic sword made some clothes for tom’s six brothers and there princess brides . Wind came and blew their house down tom made a new house for them and a new fire to made them warn . Later that day tom’s brothers and their princess brides were cold and hungry tom’s sword was out of magic because it was to cold for his sword .Then a fairy came to make tom’s sword magic again so tom’s brothers and their princess brides . Arnt cold hungry later that day tom’s brothers and their princess brides were getting tired so they went to bed .And they slept happily ever after. The end.

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