Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beyond the lines

 WALT write a narrative the eyes of one of the children or one of the soldiers

            Beyond the lines

One day I was going to a war with my friends we were talking about the war. We heard a bang then a big group of soldiers that wanted to kill us. So we had some guns to shoot them so we can stay  safe . We were trying how to kill the other team .Because they were trying to shoot us so we just  shoot .then I got to go to sleep I was going to sleep and then when I was asleep I heard peng peng “the guns were shooting  a mun came and woke me up and said you have to get up now because someone needs to have a turn sleeping get up now OK When I got out the war was finished my granddad`  picked  me up and took me and my little brother .We lived happily  ever after the end.

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